Edie’s Eats Custom Treats

Macaron Flavours

  • Lemon Macaron With Lemon Curd
  • Pistachio Macaron With Pistachio Buttercream
  • Raspberry Macaron
  • Hazelnut with nutella filling Macaron

Macaron of the Month

  • Tiramisu Macaron


  • 12.00$ for 8 Macarons
  • 14.50$ for 10 Macarons
  • 18.00$ for 12 Macarons
  • 25.00$ for 20 Macarons
  • 1.50$ per Macaron
  • 2.00$ per Macaron of the Month


If are considering ordering these macarons then contact me at ediesaraeats@gmail.com. For 12 or more macarons you can choose up to three different flavours (note that if one of your flavours is the macaron of the month the prices may be raised.) I will be baking the macarons on Friday and they will be ready for pick up on Friday evening or Saturday anytime. Please email me 5 days in advance. Thank you.

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5 thoughts on “Edie’s Eats Custom Treats”

  1. Edie, it seems you have adjusted your prices. I will have to do the same with the ad sheets I have been giving to my friends…

  2. These are so good! The apple pie macarons tasted exactly like apple pie! The only problem was that the macarons at the bottom were sticking to the box, but they still tasted delicious!

  3. My best Christmas gift was a box of macarons from Edie’s Eats! The taste was wonderful, like nothing ever tasted before! The outer shells were smooth and crispy, and the fillings inside were delicios with uniques flavours. Next time I would definetelly order myself!
    Congratulation, Edie! Amazing job!

  4. Edie, let me know when you are accepting orders for the holidays…Christmas 2021. I would like to order. I don’t think I have posted this comment before but it seems I am being kicked out of your web ordering site.


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