My trip to Gaspe Quebec

My family loves to travel so in this post I will be sharing things to see, do and eat in Gaspe.

The trip started off like any other family vacation, full of last minute packing and arguing. As we crammed into the car, all of us knew it was going to be a long 14 hours. Finally we got there, licking our ice cream we enjoy the sunset. The drive was definitely worth it !

Things to see and do in Gaspe
  • Visit le rocher Perce along with ile Bonaventure
  • Hike in the geopark ( foret magique )
  • Sea kayaking with seals in the St. Laurence
  • Swim in Chute de la Rivière-aux-Émeraudes
  • Climb Mont Xalibu

One of the things to do in Gaspe is hike. Lots and lots of hikes. Whether is on a island or up a mountain, all of them had amazing views. My favorite out of all the hikes has to Mont Xalibu. Here is a list of hike that we did ranging from 2 kilometer hike to 11 kilometer hikes with an elevation of 450.

  • Les colonies ( ile Bonaventure ) 6.2 km level : intermediate
  • Le foret magique 8 km level : intermediate
  • La chute Forillon 2 km level : Easy
  • Cap Gaspe 9 km level : intermediate
  • Mont Alban 9 km level : intermediate
  • Mont Xalibu 11.6 km level : difficult

Something that should definitely be on the agenda when you visit Gaspe is sea kayaking. There are two times that are available, one at 8:00 and the other at 5:00. I recommend going in the morning as that is when there will be more seals in the water and the air will be cooler. Once we arrived, we we’re given these really funky looking outfits. A lifejacket a skirt, water shoes and a paddle. Soon in the water we saw a seal. Little did we know that we we’re going to see a hole colony of grey seals. As we paddled along the shore, we got some amazing photos of seals close up. One even climbed onto my brother boat. it was an amazing experience and I would totally do it again.

When most people think of Quebec, images of Montreal, poutine and maple syrup come to mind. But venture a little further north and a tad off the beaten path, you with discover the city of Gaspe. Home to delicious, fresh seafood you with learn to cook in the next post.


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